Together with Vaccina we're offering antigentest with travel- or health certificate in many places Sweden.

Antigen test (rapid test) with travel certificate

Together with Vaccina we're offering antigen tests in several cities. You will receive your test result after 45 minutes. Appointments available for 495 kr.

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We can not offer testing for ongoing infection

You can not get tested for ongoing infection with Vaccina. We only issue travel certificates for travels abroad. Note that we are thus not part of the region's offer of Covid testing for infection tracking for Covid-19. For help with testing, read more at (in Swedish).

Antigen test for Covid-19

The antigen test will show if you have an ongoing Covid-19 infection. It’s also known as a rapid test. You can only get tested if you do not have symptoms at your appointment. A nurse will insert a swab inside your nose to take a sample. If the test is negative, you will receive a medical certificate that is valid for travels.

Antigen testing at Vaccina

Vaccina is now part of Kry. Together we offer antigen tests at multiple locations around Sweden. You will receive your test result within 45 minutes after taking the test. Read more and book an appointment at Vaccina.

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Travel regulations

You are responsible for selecting the right Covid-19 test and bringing valid travel documents for your destination. Travel regulations are changing fast. Find the latest information at Sweden Abroad.


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