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Welcome to our children’s healthcare centre (BVC) in Sickla. Your child will be called in to us for health check-ups, doctor visits and vaccinations up until it is time to start school. We can also answer questions and offer support and advice about your role as a parent. Our paediatric nurses have extensive experience in children's health and will become a reassuring contact for you and your family.

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Kry BVC Sickla

Smedjegatan 18

13154 Nacka

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Monday to Friday


We’re closed on 24 June for Swedish Midsummer. If your child gets sick, you can call Kry Sickla healthcare centre for help and advice. The health center is located in the same building as Kry BVC Sickla.



08-121 598 00


Vaccination scheme for children
Vaccinations are given at Kry BVC Sickla following the Swedish vaccination scheme. Each child is offered vaccination against twelve diseases, given at different ages. The vaccinations are free of charge.
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Children's health services programme
We can help you at our children's healthcare centre once your child is born. You can also track both your and your child's development in the Kry app if you're still pregnant. You can easily add your pregnancy information under "My Profile". You can work out your estimated due date there, as well as learn more about what you can expect week by week.
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Follow your pregnancy in the Kry app
If you are pregnant, you can follow your and your child's development in the Kry app. You can add your pregnancy quite easily under "My profile". There, you can calculate your estimated due date and learn more about what you can expect week by week.
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Kipp and friends
No child should have to feel anxious before they visit a healthcare center. For the opening of our child care center in Sickla, we asked a group of children how we could improve their experience of healthcare – and then Kipp was born.
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What we're offering

Dependable and experienced staff
Our experienced children’s nurses are here to help you and your family every step of the way. We can offer you advice and support about parenting.
Video calls with our paediatric nurses
If you would like to learn more about our children’s healthcare centre (BVC), you can ask for a video call, where you can view our premises and get to know our paediatric nurses.
Modern and playful premises
Our children’s healthcare centre (BVC) is furnished and adapted so that all children feel secure in our premises. Kry BVC Sickla is also a state-of-the-art facility and is in the same building as our healthcare centre.
Parent groups
In our parent groups, you can exchange ideas and experiences with other new parents in the area. We offer parent groups to both first-time parents and parents with other children at home.

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