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Choose your provider – register with KRY.

KRY Malmö

Our newly built health center in Malmö is practically located in the middle of Stortorget, right next to the central station. Our doctors and nurses are ready to meet you, in most cases already the same day.

A new approach to primary care

  • No more frustrating telephone queues

    At KRY you see a doctor or nurse by video who makes a medical assessment right away, and if needed books an appointment for you at one of our healthcare centers – in most cases already the same day.

  • More than a visit

    With our app you can see when your doctor is available, read notes from your visits, renew prescriptions on the go and book revisits if needed.

  • We are open when others close

    When other healthcare centers are closing, our center is open until 19:00 on weekdays and until 16:00 on weekends. We are also always available 24/7 in our app.

Choose your provider – register with KRY

You always have the right to seek care at the health centre of your choice, wherever you live in Sweden. You also have the option of choosing a permanent health centre, sometimes referred to as “att lista sig” in Swedish. Even if you are registered with a specific health centre, you may seek care at another one.

Registering with KRY is free of charge and non-binding.

By registering with KRY, you help our efforts to provide you with continuity of care. With contact already made, everything goes much more smoothly when you turn to us for help. Registering is easy – just tap the button on this screen and confirm with your BankID. We handle all other admin.


Kry Mottagning Malmö

Stortorget 3
211 22 Malmö


Stortorget 3
211 22 Malmö

All city and regional buses, as well as train to Malmö Malmö Central Station.

Plan your journey with Skånetrafiken.

Parking is available at Stortorget for 25 SEK per hour, all hours of the day.

In addition, there is parking at the nearby carpark Bagers place on Nordenskiöldsgatan, and in Petri carpark on Rundelsgatan. The parking fee is 30 SEK an hour, all hours of the day.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10:00–19:00 and
Saturday and Sunday 10:00–16:00.

Book an appointment

During a first, digital videomeeting in our app, a medical assessment is done. If a physical appointment is needed, you will immidiately recieve a time for a visit at our health center.

How it works:

1. Seek care in the app.

Download the KRY app, sign in with BankID and specify what you are seeking care for.

2. See health personnel.

Our health personnel calls you in the app and the video appointment starts.

3. Receive care.

You either receive treatment directly or get a booking for a physical examination at one of our clinics.

4. Book a revisit.

Meet the same health personnel that you met before, for follow-up and counseling.

For information on patient fees in Region Skåne, visit 1177 Vårdguiden.