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KRY Malmö
Stortorget 3 211 22 Malmö

KRY Malmö

Stortorget 3
211 22 Malmö

Opening hours

Monday - Friday
10:00 – 19:00
Saturday - Sunday
10:00 – 16:00


Book an appointment

During a first, digital video meeting in our app, a medical assessment is done. If a physical appointment is needed, you will immediately receive a time for a visit at our health center.

City bus 20 towards ESS via MAX IV,
step off at Ole Römers väg.

City bus 1 towards Östra Torn via Sparta,
step off at Sparta.

City bus 6 towards Östra Linero via
Universitetssjukhuset, step off at Sparta.

Region bus 159 towards Skrylleskogen,
step off at Sparta.

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Choose your provider – register with KRY

Registering with a health centre means that you’re choosing to belong to that specific one. It’s optional to register, so you don’t have to be registered anywhere if you don’t want to. Wherever you’re registered, you can always seek care at any health centre in Sweden.

We have health centres in Lund, Malmö and Nyköping where you can be registered.

At KRY you get to speak to a clinician within an hour, usually with only a few minutes waiting time. You will get an appointment at the health centre within 24 hours. We can assist you with referrals and prescriptions and you can get your medication delivered on the same day.

We’re with you all the way. After your appointment we’ll check up on you, and if you need it, you’ll get a follow-up with the same person.

It’s free to register with one of our health centres. Fill out the form below and we’ll take care of the rest.

What we're offering

Your own doctor
You can choose to see the same person everytime.
Appointments within 24 hours
We’re available when you need us, usually the same day.
Speak to clinicians in minutes
Get an initial assessment by video in the app.
For you and your family
The whole family gets to see the same doctor every time.

Examples of what we can help you with

When the immune system reacts to a substance, you get an allergic reaction. Allergies to pollen, animal dander and certain foods are common. We can help you treat them if over-the-counter medicines are not working.

Some people experience asthma symptoms all the time, while others only get symptoms during the pollen season. We can assess, and help you to manage your asthma.

We treat and hold regular check-up for type 2 diabetes. We have clinicians who specialise in diabetes.

One of our most treated conditions, common skin rashes include eczema, fungal infections and scabies. We can help you with many types of skin rash.

High blood pressure doesn’t always have symptoms you can notice. If left untreated, it increases the risk of serious health problems such as heart attacks and strokes. If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, we can help you improve your treatment plan.

We can write most types of sick notes. If you have any questions you’re welcome to call us before your appointment.

Pain in the knee can be a sign of many things. It could be from an injury, or it could be from an undiagnosed health condition. Come and see us at one of our health centres if you are worried. We can examine your knees and advise you.

We assess and treat neck problems. If you need it, we’ll refer you to a physiotherapist or an orthopedic specialist.

We can send referrals for all types of tests.

We assess and treat mental health issues. If you need it, we can refer you to a psychologist or psychiartrist.

Pain felt anywhere along the spine can be agony. It’s usually not serious, but it can be challenging if it stops you doing day-to-day activities or it keeps coming back. We can assess you to find the source of the pain and advise you about treatments.

We know it can be difficult to quit smoking. We can help you through motivational interviewing or with medication if you need it.

You can always get help in the app
Get a text with a link to the app
Check the phone number.
Text sent
  • Open 24/7
  • For both adults and children
  • Registered doctors, nurses and psychologists

Nearby locations

For information on patient fees in Region Skåne, visit 1177 Vårdguiden.