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Företagsnyheter - 16 jul 2018

KRY’s annual report 2017

Digital healthcare provider KRY has finalized its annual report for business year 2017. The annual report shows increased revenue, from 14,5M SEK to 99,7M SEK. As awareness grows about the possibilities of meeting your doctor via video the amount of patients choosing digital healthcare increases. With a total of 190 000 meetings during 2017 KRY increased usage by 740%. KRY’s growth confirms its position as the largest digital healthcare provider in Europe and Sweden as a frontrunner in the development of digital healthcare.

In june 2017 KRY closed a funding round at €20M. Other significant achievements in 2017 was the launch of KRY in Norway, where KRY is now the largest digital healthcare provider, and the launch of a test pilot in Spain.

Johannes Schildt, CEO at KRY, comments: “2017 was a good year and we continue to grow into 2018. We are building a world class healthcare provider and at the same time transforming the traditional healthcare system, making it more patient focused, proactive, accessible and efficient. Even if we have done a lot we are only in the beginning of pushing through a paradigm shift within healthcare. KRY is constantly looking at how we can develop our product to help more patients get access to hassle-free high quality care”.

During first half of 2018 KRY launched its online psychology service and is now the largest provider of CBT-treatments in Sweden. KRY currently accounts for over 3% of all primary care doctor visits in Sweden and has had over 400 000 patient meetings in total.

In may 2018 KRY raised another €53M in a series B funding round. That investment will be used for international expansion and further product development. KRY will launch to the public in UK and France in 2018.

Contact KRY:
Samuel Danofsky
Head of Communication
Mobile: +46706563182