Kry vårdcentral triangeln

Kry Vårdcentral Triangeln

Welcome to Kry Healthcare centre Triangeln in Malmö. You can see a doctor, district nurse, nurse, psychologists, physiotherapist and dietician with us. We also have a child care center in the same premises. We can help you with both acute complaints and chronic illnesses.

How we can help you

We start by asking a few questions. Your answers will help us decide if we can best help you in a video meeting or at the health center.

When you seek care from us, we always start by finding out how we can best help you. We do this by asking you some questions. Your answers help us decide if we can help you in a video call or if you need to visit the health center. Our way of working leads to more free time for the patients who really need care on site.

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Kry Vårdcentral Triangeln

Södra Förstadsgatan 54

21143 Malmö

Opening hours

Monday to Friday


Opening hours for urgent appointments: Monday to Friday, 13:30–14:15



040-643 44 00


Kry health centre in Gallerian Stockholm

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Register with Kry and get help from experienced healthcare professionals with long experience from primary care. You can visit all our healthcare centers no matter which one you choose.

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Welcome to urgent appointment

We offer urgent appointments at some of our clinics. In these appointments, we can help you with minor problems that need treating quickly.

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Welcome to Kry BVC Triangeln!
Our Barnavårdscentral (child healthcare centre) in Triangeln is now open, you find it in the same building as our healthcare center. Welcome!
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Covid-19 vaccination in Skåne
Visit or contact your clinic to book your Covid-19 vaccination.
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TBE vaccination
Get vaccinated against TBE at the mini clinic, one of our healthcare centers or at Helsa.
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Covid-19 tests and travel certificates
Together with Vaccina, we offer a number of corona tests with travel certificates at multiple places in Sweden.
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What we're offering

Easy access when you need care
You can visit all our healthcare centres, and quickly get an appointment when you need it.
Speak to clinicians by video
Our doctors, nurses and psychologists are here for you in the app, 24/7
Care for you and your family
The whole family gets to see the same doctor every time.

Welcome to Kry Healthcare centre Triangeln

Are you curious about our healthcare centres? In this video, Khaled, specialist in general medicine, welcomes you to Kry Vårdcentral Triangeln.

Get care in 30 languages

Book a digital meeting with a doctor who speaks your language. Start by logging in to Kry via the app or via the web using BankID. Thereafter you can see all available languages and book a time.

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For information on patient fees in Region Skåne, visit 1177 Vårdguiden.