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Get vaccinated at Kry

Together with Vaccina, we are offering a variety of vaccinations. Here you find the latest information about the different vaccinations we're offering.

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We offer the following vaccines:

Vaccination against Covid-19
Get vaccinated against covid-19 at Vaccina or at one of our healthcare centers. Read more about what applies in your region.
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Vaccine against seasonal flu
Risk groups are prioritized and can now get vaccinated, free of charge, at their healthcare centre. Other adults can get vaccinated from December at one of Vaccinas centres. Price other adults: SEK 295.
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TBE vaccination
Get vaccinated against TBE at the mini clinic, one of our healthcare centers or at Helsa.
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Did you know that Vaccina is a part of Kry?

Vaccina offers vaccinations at multiple locations around Sweden.

  • Vaccine against covid-19 - read more information at Vaccina on where you can get vaccinated.
  • Seasonal flu - SEK 295.
  • Pneumococci - SEK 375.
  • TBE - SEK 360 for children and SEK 395 for adults.

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