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  • See a doctor or a psychologist by video
  • At a time and place convenient to you
  • Get medical advice, prescriptions or referrals

Get care in minutes

Our doctors can help with many symptoms that don’t need a physical examination. Get help with diagnosis, prescription or get referred for specialist care.

See a psychologist

You can talk to a certified psychologist today, and we also have certified child psychologists. With KRY everyone is listened to. The right care at the right time. > Startpage > Puff 3

We are here for you

We will help you no matter what – either through our doctors or by referring you to specialist care. With us, you’re always in safe hands.

What we treat

Our doctors and psychologists see and treat a variety of issues, some of which are listed below. Choose what symptom you want to know more about and learn how we may help you.

Health care in your
native language

Our doctors and psychologists are seasoned professionals with years of experience in providing excellent care. In total, we speak over 20 languages, including Arabic, Spanish, Persian and Russian.

Susanna Wahlund

Lic. doctor

Lina Anderhell

Lic. psychologist

Shapoor Hakimelahi

Lic. doctor

Jesper Enander

Director of Psychology

All our clinicians hold a license to practice in Sweden.


Opening hours

06:00–24:00 daily

How much does it cost?

Using our service is always free of charge for children and adolescents up to the age of 20 as well as for patients over 85. Others pay a patient fee of 250 SEK, and high-cost protection is valid.

With a doctor

Adults 250 SEK

Under 20 years 0 SEK

With a psychologist

Adults 250 SEK

Under 20 years 0 SEK

Treatment stories
from our patients

To date, we have helped over half a million
patients across Europe to be at their best.

"I spoke to a very nice doctor who really took the time to listen. Very professional!"

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"I had a long and helpful video consultation within 30 minutes."

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"Got a fast and convenient help of a psychologist. I am very satisfied with the availability and especially the follow-up."

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Average rating of the KRY app: 4.9 stars