Meet a doctor


With KRY you can easily meet a doctor through a video call, at a time and place suitable for you.
Renew your contraceptive pills prescription for free at KRY.


Psychologists at KRY

Our psychologists can provide you with support and tools for managing stress, anxiety and depression. The session with the psychologist takes place via video call, directly through your smartphone or tablet.

250 kr

For adults over 20

0 kr

For everyone under 20 or over the age of 85

To book a meeting you need to be at least 18.

Receive advice, prescriptions or referrals

Free for children up to 20 years old

Home delivery of medicines

High cost card valid

Doctor's visit for you or your child

What does a doctor's visit cost?

The doctor's visit is done through a video call and our experienced doctors can give you advice and - if needed - treatment or referrals. Swedish high cost protection cards are valid.

250 kr

For adults over 20

0 kr

For everyone under 20 or over the age of 85

Doctor's visit in your native language

We are here for you

Our selected physicians are seasoned GP's with experience from primary care. In total our doctors speak over 20 languages, for example Arabic, Spanish, Persian and Russian.

Johan Flodin
Leg. Läkare
Galina Stenrud
Leg. Läkare
Shapoor Hakimelahi
Leg. Läkare
Rebecka Gardell
Leg. Läkare

All of our doctors carry a Swedish doctor's license.

Opening hours

All days 06.00-24.00

Doctor's visit on your terms

Over 500,000 patient meetings

We're working towards a highly accessible healthcare system that is equal for everyone. With over 500,000 patient meetings we've taken a step in the right direction.

4.7 out of 5

in patient satisfaction