This is Kry

Kry offers accessible high quality healthcare - digitally in our app when possible and physically at our healthcare clinics when necessary.






million patient appointments

Combining digital and physical care

Krys' vision is to be able to offer all patients access to great healthcare - no matter who you are, where you live or what time it is. Our 1300 doctors, nurses and psychologists are available within a few minutes 24 hours a day in our app and offer care in 30 languages. We also have 28+ healthcare clinics in Sweden.

By combining digital and physical care, we create:

  • Seamless and accessible care for the patient.

  • Equal access to care no matter where in the country you live.

  • A flexible workspace for our clinicians.

  • Clinicians as a driving force in healthcare technology development.

  • An effective use of our common resources - when some patients can be treated digitally instead of physically, it helps to free up resources in physical care.

In Sweden alone, Kry has since the start 2015 conducted over 4 million patient meetings and over 7 million meetings in Europe where our name is Livi. We are today Europe's largest digital healthcare provider. In addition to Sweden, Kry is also established in Norway, UK, France and Germany with the ambition to continue to grow in order to help even more patients.

Why Kry is a good choice

At Kry, we offer healthcare digitally when possible and physically when necessary. Here are 10 reasons why Kry is a good choice for patients as well as clinicians and taxpayers. Read more here.