Kry children’s health centres

BVC stands for child health centre and you go there with your child for health check-ups and vaccinations from birth to the start of preschool. At our BVC, you and your family can get help and support from our team of experienced children’s nurses and district nurses.

Our children’s health centres

  • Kry BVC Triangeln

    Spångatan 1

    21144 Malmö

    Opening hours

    Monday to Friday


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What we're offering

Dependable and experienced staff
Our experienced children’s nurses are here to help you and your family every step of the way. We can offer you advice and support about parenting.
Video appointments with our children’s nurses
If you want to learn more about our children’s health centres, book a video call to meet our nurses and take a look around.
A modern and playful environment
We designed our children’s health centres to make sure every child feels safe and secure. Our children’s health centres are often located in the same modern premises as our clinics.
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Parent groups
Our parent groups let you share your thoughts and experiences with other new parents in your area. We have parent groups for both first-time parents and parents with several children.

Common questions (FAQ)