PCR testing for travel and medical certificates

If you are travelling abroad and need a medical certificate for your trip, you can take a PCR test. Price: SEK 1 250.

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A PCR test will show if you currently have the virus that causes Covid-19. If the test shows that you do not currently have the virus, we will issue you a certificate for travel, called a travel certificate or medical certificate. You receive the test result within 48 hours – even on weekends.

Our tests are of high quality and meet the requirements of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

We offer testing on several locations in Stockholm, Malmö, Helsningborg and Nyköping.

Bear in mind

You are responsible for calculating when to take your PCR test for it to be valid upon entry.

We are not responsible for finding out what type of test, or other recommendations, applies to specific countries / destinations.

Read the latest information for your destination on Sweden Abroad, the travel company's or the airline's website.

Plan your visit and arrive well in advance.

You must have downloaded and activated the app before reaching the testing location. You must also have the phone with you where you have the app installed. Otherwise we will not be able to help you.Download the app here..

Please check that all information on your travel certificate is correct before departure.

Do you want to get tested?

Anyone who is aged 6 or older and is symptom-free can get tested. If you are under age 18, you need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Price: SEK 1 250.
  • The test results are back within 48 hours – even on weekends.
  • You will receive your test results via the Kry app.
  • The test is taken from the nose and throat using a sampling stick.

You need to have a Swedish personal identity number and must be able to log in with BankID to be able to receive a travel certificate.

You will need to register your child in the app if you want them to have a PCR test.

Bring your passport

Remember to bring your passport with you. We will also need to see the passports of children who are getting tested too.

Book an appointment for testing

You can book a time up to one month in advance.

Keep in mind that you need to be symptom free when taking the test.

  1. Chose testing site, date, time and book an appointment.
  2. Add your personal details, the passport number of the document you will be using when travelling. Confirm your booking.
  3. You will receive an email when your booking is confirmed. You will also receive a reminder via email two hours before your testing starts.

Make sure you fill in your personal details correctly. The information you provide will be used in your travel certificate.

Book appointment

We test one person per booked time. You need to book an appointment for each individual person if more than one person needs to get tested.


You can cancel your appointment via the link sent in the confirmation email. Please cancel your appointment no later than four hours prior to your appointment.

If you arrive late, you will need to book a new time to be able to take the PCR-test.


The costs of issuing a travel certificate is SEK 1 250.

You pay at the time the sample is collected. You can pay by card. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash payments.

About the travel certificate

  • The travel certificate is a PDF that is stamped and signed by a doctor.
  • The certificate is written in English.
  • The time stamp on the certificate shows the time for when the test was taken.
  • The certificate does not include a QR code. Find out what applies to your destination well in advance of departure.

Testing locations

Frequently asked questions

Download the Kry app here

You need the Kry app for us to be able to send you your test result and certificate, so be sure to download and activate the app before taking the test.

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Last updated 2021-06-08