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We do no longer offer PCR-test with travel certificate. You can take an antigen test with travel certificate. Read more

PCR test with travel certificate

We do no longer offer PCR test with travel certificate.

The PCR test

The PCR test will show if you have the Covid-19 virus. A nurse will collect a sample by inserting a test swab into your throat and nose. The Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten) does not recommend a PCR test if you have tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 6 months. If the test is negative, you will receive a digital Covid certificate that is valid within Europe.

Kry is connected to the E-health authority's e-service digital covid-19 certificate. This means that your negative test for Covid-19 can automatically be stored in a digital Covid certificate. You can use your Covid certificate when travelling in Europe.

Please note that you must download and log in to the Kry app to get your travel certificate. If you have a digital mailbox, your Covid certificate will also be sent to it.

The digital Covid certificate

  • The travel certificate includes a QR code.
  • The certificate is a digital Covid certificate and approved by the E-health authority for travelling in Europe.
  • The certificate is a PDF with date and time of the test sample collection.
  • The certificate is valid for 7 days. It's up to you to check the rules of travel, as this may vary for different destinations.
  • You will get the certificate within 48 hours – even on weekends.
  • The certificate is written in English and Swedish.

Is the digital Covid certificate a valid travel document?
No, it is not a valid travel document. The digital Covid certificate shows that you have tested negative for Covid-19. A travel document is, for example, a passport or an international ID card.

Travel regulations

You are responsible for selecting the right Covid-19 test and bringing valid travel documents for your destination. Travel regulations are changing fast. Find the latest information at Sweden Abroad.

How to get a PCR test for Covid-19

Anyone who is aged 6 or older and is symptom-free can get tested. Bring a legal guardian to your test appointment if you are under 16.

  1. Go to the testing location. We offer drop-in, no appointment needed.
  2. Bring a form of ID, such as your passport, to the test.
  3. Download the Kry app.
  4. Log in to the Kry app with your Swedish personal identity number and BankID. You need to be logged into the app in order to recieve your digital Covid certification.
  5. Check the app. Your result should be available there 48 hours after your test.

In order to test children, the legal guardian must download Kry and add the child in the app. The child must also be registered in Sweden. You will recieve your childs test result and travel certificate in your app.

Price and payment

The PCR test and travel certificate cost a total of SEK 1 250. You pay at the testing location during your appointment. We accept payment by card, not cash.

Testing locations

Frequently asked questions

Download the Kry app here

You need the Kry app for us to be able to send you your test result and travel certificate, so be sure to download and activate the app before taking the test.
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