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Welcome to your local healthcare centre. We have drop-in appointments 24/7 in our app, and from there we help you book an appointment at the health centre – digital and physical care at its best.


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Sibyllegatan 28

11443 Stockholm

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Drop-in clinic for our listed patients aged 65 and over. When: Wednesdays at 10:00-12:00. Please note that visit times during drop-in are shorter than a regular visit to the health center. Perfect for those who have short questions, seek care for minor ailments or want help with prescription renewals.

Som patient hos oss kan du få hjälp med mer – både i appen och på vårdcentralen. Välj oss som din vårdcentral för att få tillgång till fler tjänster redan idag.

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We offer urgent appointments at some of our clinics. In these appointments, we can help you with minor problems that need treating quickly.

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