Vaccination against Covid-19 in Skåne

On behalf of the Region of Skåne, we vaccinate against covid-19 in phase 4. Here you will find information about who is vaccinated right now and how to book an appointment.

This page is updated regularly. More information about vaccination in Skåne can be found at

Last updated: 2021-05-17

Book a time for vaccination

People born 1962–1971 can be vaccinated against covid-19 at Kry Malmö. This applies regardless of whether you belong to a risk group or not. You do not have to be listed with Kry to be vaccinated with us.

We will soon open more vaccination units in Lund and Malmö.

How it works

1. Identify with BankID
Log in to our app or on our website and fill in a health declaration.
2. Book a time for your vaccination
Choose a time. You will get a confirmation as an inbox message in the app or via text.
3. Get vaccinated
Get vaccinated at your health care center. When you have received dose 1, you can book a time for dose 2 via our app.

Fully booked?

Keep checking the app. We are adding more slots multiple times a week.

Need help with your booking?

If you do not have a BankID or do not have the technical ability to book in the app, you can call 010-424 05 91 on week days 08:00 to 16:00.

Want to cancel your booking?

You can cancel your booking in the app. Try to cancel your appointment as soon as possible so that someone else can get vaccinated instead.

Join the waiting list (45+)

To minimize the risk of vaccine doses being wasted, you can now sign up for our waiting list. We will contact you if a vaccination slot becomes available.

  • You must be born in 1976 or earlier to sign up.
  • We prioritize according to age and will contact the oldest first.
  • Be prepared to come to the unit at short notice (within 15 minutes).
  • We prioritize contacting those who have signed up in the last 24 hours and certified that they can get to the vaccination unit quickly.
  • You can sign up every day until you have been contacted.

If you are offered a vaccine, we will call you at the telephone number you provide. It is important that you can get to the unit at short notice, preferably within 15 minutes.

Do not go to the vaccination unit if you have not been contacted by us. We do not have drop-in. You will only be offered vaccine if you have been contacted by us.

Sign me up

How to book dose 2

After you have received dose 1, you can log in to the app and book a time for dose 2. Remember to bring your vaccination card when you receive dose 2.

Who is included in phase 4?

  • Adults aged 18 to 59 who have not been vaccinated in previous phases. The oldest will be prioritized first.

How much does it cost to get vaccinated?

It is free of charge to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Where you can get vaccinated

Common questions about Covid-19 vaccination

We reserve the right to make any changes based on the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

In collaboration with Region Skåne.

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