How it works

With Kry, you and your family always have access to safe and convenient healthcare. Our registered doctors, psychologists and nurses help you in the app 24/7, and at our healthcare centres on several locations.

Book an appointment

Download the Kry app and sign in safely with BankID. Let us know how you feel and then book an appointment. Choose the next available time or one that suits you.

We call you

When it’s time for your appointment we will video call you, straight in the app. If you seek care for your child they will need to be present during the call. You must be the legal guardian of the child to book a child meeting.

Get the help you need

We can help you with many symptoms straight in the app. We always write a medical record and can prescribe medication or refer you to a specialist if needed.

Visit the healthcare centre

If you need a physical examination we can book an appointment for you at one of our healthcare centres. Usually, you’ll get an appointment the same day.

What happens next?

We’ll check in with you and if you need it you’ll get a follow-up. You can also see your prescriptions and order medications with home delivery in the app.

How Kry can help

Our doctors, psychologists and nurses are ready to speak with you and your family. We're available in the app 24/7.