Remember that at least seven days should have passed between a Covid-19 vaccine and any other vaccine, for example against TBE.

Vaccination against TBE

Get yourself or your child vaccinated at one of our healthcare centres to gain full protection against TBE.

Call and book an appointment

What is TBE?

TBE is a tick-borne inflammation of the brain that is spread to humans via ticks. TBE is most common in southern and central Sweden, particularly along the Baltic coast and in other areas close to water. However, infected ticks can be found in the majority of the country.

You are recommended to get vaccinated if you spend time in risk areas in Sweden or abroad.

Who can get vaccinated?

Everyone can get vaccinated against TBE. Children above the age of one can be vaccinated at the same intervals as adults. You do not need to be registered at any of our healthcare centres to get vaccinated.

The vaccination process

It is extremely rare to get TBE despite being vaccinated. You will have close to 100 percent protection if you get the vaccine at the right intervals.

First year:

  • First dose.
  • Second dose after one month.
  • Third dose 5-12 months after the second dose.

Once you have had the three doses you will be fully protected for three years.

You are recommended to boost the vaccine with a fourth dose after three years. It is then recommended to have a booster every five years after that.

Sweden’s infectious disease specialist recommends an extra dose for adults beginning their routine vaccinations after the age of 50. This also applies to adults with weakened immune systems due to illness.

When should I get vaccinated?

You can get vaccinated against TBE throughout the year. It is wise to begin your vaccinations in good time before summer as full protection is achieved after three doses. Many people spend more time out in nature and in environments ticks thrive in during the summer.

Call and book an appointment

To get vaccinated against TBE you need to ring and book an appointment on the following number: 08-122 035 77.

Phone lines are open Monday - Friday (ordinary weekdays): 08:00–17:00. Saturday and Sunday: Closed.

You can find contact details for Helsa’s healthcare centres here.

Call and book an appointment

The price of the TBE vaccine differs between different regions. We list the prices for each region below.

Healthcare centrePrice, adultPrice, child (under 18)
Kry Gallerian380 SEK350 SEK
Kry Sibyllegatan380 SEK350 SEK
Kry Sickla380 SEK350 SEK
Helsa Hornstull380 SEK350 SEK
Helsa Sundbyberg380 SEK350 SEK
Helsa Vallentuna380 SEK350 SEK
Helsa Älta380 SEK350 SEK
Kry Nyköping500 SEK500 SEK
Kry Lund/Malmö355 SEK345 SEK
Helsa Bromölla400 SEK400 SEK
Helsa Laurentii450 SEK400 SEK
Helsa Osby/Lönsboda400 SEK400 SEK
Helsa Älmhult600 SEK600 SEK

Where can I get vaccinated?

You can get vaccinated against TBE at all of our healthcare centres and Helsa’s healthcare centres in Stockholm, Småland and Skåne.

Our healthcare centres

FAQs about the TBE vaccine

Last updated 2021-04-14

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