Tick-borne encephalitis vaccination

Tick-borne encephalitis, also called TBE, is an infection caused by tick bites. It can cause brain inflammation. Ticks that spread tick-borne encephalitis are found in forests and grassy areas in Europe, the UK, Russia, China and Japan.
Price per dose: 0–395 kr

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Price per dose

  • Free for children aged 3–18 in Region Uppsala and Sörmland

  • 360 kr for children aged 1–15

  • 395 kr for people aged 16 and older

Who can take it

People who plan to spend time outdoors in risk areas can protect themselves with the tick-borne encephalitis vaccine.

This vaccine is for adults and children aged 1 year or older.

You should not take this vaccine if you are pregnant.

Doses and protection

People aged 1–50 need 3 doses for full protection against tick-borne encephalitis.
The first and second doses should be taken at least 1 month before spending time outdoors in a risk area. The second dose is taken 1 month after the first dose. The third dose is taken 1 month after the second dose.

People aged 50 and older need 4 doses for full protection. The fourth dose is taken 5–12 months after the third dose.

To maintain protection, take a booster dose after 3 years and then again every 2–5 years.

Potential side effects

Potential side effects from the tick-borne encephalitis vaccine are usually mild and temporary. They can include fever, a headache, muscle aches, joint pain, vomiting, nausea, tiredness, and pain where the needle went in.

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