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Covid-19 vaccination in Stockholm

In partnership with Vaccina, we offer Covid-19 vaccinations in Vasastan. Use the app Alltid öppet to book your appointment. You can also get your Covid-19 vaccination at one of our clinics. You do not have to pay anything for your Covid-19 vaccination.

Here's how to book your vaccination

Book using 1177

This applies to people born in or before 2006 who want to take dose 1, 2 or 3 (booster dose).

This applies to you who were born in 2006 or earlier and want to take dose one, two or three (booster dose).

  • Book an appointment in the app [Alltid öppet].( Vaccina is now part of Kry and offer vaccinations at Apoteksgruppens pharmacy in Vasastan.
  • Call their telephone booking service on 08–428 429 30, open every day from 08:00–19:00.

Drop in
Some locations also offer drop-in vaccination. Read more information about drop-in vaccinations at (in Swedish).

Book your vaccination at (in Swedish)

Risk groups and people with protected identity

Call your clinic if you are in a risk group or have a protected identity and want to get vaccinated.

Our clinics

Our clinics in Gallerian, Haga and Sickla have available appointments for vaccination every day. You can get vaccinated there even if you’re not registered at a Kry clinic.

If you cannot book your vaccination using 1177, you can call us on 08-121 577 00 and we will be happy to help you. Our telephone booking service is open 08:00–17:00 Monday–Friday.

Our clinics in Stockholm

How do I know which clinic I'm registered with?

You can see if you are registered with a Kry clinic in our app. You can also logg in to 1177 with BankID to see where you are registered.

You will not get an appointment more quickly if you re-register. Contact your current clinic instead and they will be able to help you.

Common questions about Covid-19 vaccination

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About the vaccine

After the vaccination

Side effects

Levels of protection

About the vaccine

After the vaccination

Side effects

Levels of protection

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