10 reasons why Kry is a good choice

At Kry, we offer healthcare digitally when possible and physically when necessary. Here are 10 reasons why Kry is a good choice for patients as well as clinicians and taxpayers.

1. Perhaps most important of all - we have happy patients

As many as 98 percent of our patients state that they are satisfied with Kry. This makes us proud and happy because our main focus at Kry is to offer all patients the best possible care.

2. Equal access to healthcare for everyone

Accessibility matters. No matter where you live in the country or what language you speak, Kry is always available via your mobile phone and can offer care in 30 different languages. This is especially important in smaller places where the nearest healthcare centre is a long way away and for patients who have difficulty travelling long distances for an appointment. Kry treats patients in all 290 municipalities in Sweden.

3. A digital appointment costs less tax money than a physical one

Digital healthcare currently accounts for more than 7 percent of all visits to primary care at a cost of only 2 percent of the total primary healthcare budget. A digital doctor’s visit is reimbursed with SEK 500, while a physical visit according to SKR costs around SEK 1,950. It is therefore good to seek digital care when possible and physical care when necessary. If our doctors cannot make a medical assessment via video call, the patient is referred to the right level of care - at no cost to the patient or taxpayers.

4. Quick and easy access to healthcare when you need it

As a patient, you can get help fast in the app or at one of our physical health care centers from a doctor, nurse or psychologist. Kry is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

5. An effective use of our common resources

Kry offers both digital and physical appointments that complement each other. A digital appointment is both faster and costs less tax money than a physical visit - therefore, time and resources can be freed up in physical care. 93 percent of our patients state that a digital visit to Kry replaced a visit to physical healthcare.

6. High medical quality

Our 1,200 doctors, nurses and psychologists all have Swedish credentials and experience of working in physical primary care. Thus, the medical quality is just as high among clinicians who work digitally as at physical healthcare centers. Most of Kry’s clinicians also have specialist training and we can provide healthcare in 30 different languages. We are extra happy that Kry in UK (Livi) is the first digital healthcare provider to be rated Outstanding by Care Quality Commission (CQC).

7. Possibility to choose a permanent doctor

As a patient at Kry, you can choose a permanent doctor if you wish. But if you need immediate help, there is always a doctor or other healthcare professional available within a short time.

8. Stimulating work environment for clinicians

According to our clinicians, the three main reasons for working at Kry are:

  1. a seamless and flexible workplace

  2. the opportunity to develop and grow professionally

  3. I get to be a part of developing and transforming healthcare.

The digital technology that Kry has developed also means that clinicians can spend more time on the patient and less time on administration.

9. Each patient is referred to the correct care level through triage

To ensure that each patient ends up at the right care level, we use triage in the app before the booking of an appointment. This is a function that directs the patient to the right care level depending on the patient’s needs. Some patients need to see a doctor, others need to see a nurse - and if an appointment is not needed, several forms of self-care are offered in the app or on the website.

10. Creating the future of healthcare

One of our main goals at Kry has since the beginning been to strive for a more proactive and preventive healthcare system where our common resources are used in the best possible way. Kry has developed digital technology together with clinicians, using the best tech competence that can be found globally, which is optimized to create the best possible patient experience. The patient gets seamless and accessible healthcare, while clinicians can devote less time to administration and more time to the patient. The future of healthcare is neither digital nor physical, but a combination of the two.

Want to work for us at Kry?

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