Digital healthcare is at the forefront of our fight against Covid-19.

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At KRY, we’re doing everything we can to support health providers across Europe. I’m proud of how we’ve mobilised to meet demand and offer support to health services across Europe. Here’s a round up of what we’ve been up to in the past few weeks.

We’ve tailored our offer to meet government needs across Europe.

  • In the Kreis Heinsberg region of Germany, we've enabled access to free GP consultations.
  • In the UK, we’ve been chosen by the NHS as one of the preferred digital healthcare suppliers to provide additional Covid-19 capacity.
  • Across Europe, we’ve offered a Covid-19 at-home monitoring service and have been sharing aggregated data with health systems so they have the most up-to-date on the spread of the disease.
  • We’ve launched Care Connect by KRY in Spain, Poland and Italy, with imminent plans to go global.

We’ve launched new products to meet changing demand.

  • We’ve launched Care Connect by KRY, a free platform that enables any European healthcare professional to see their patient via video. Two weeks in, we’ve delivered over 4,500 appointments and have over 1,000 healthcare professional users, including psychiatrists, dentists, nurses, nutritionists and paediatricians.
  • Our new symptom checker app – available for free via the KRY app - has launched, and is especially popular in Sweden where it has 30,000 active users.

We’re tapping in to underutilised capacity in the healthcare system.

  • For doctors who want to see patients but can’t return to the front line, KRY offers a safe and easy way to work flexibly from home.
  • We’re welcoming new recruits like Dr Jan Otto, our 83 year old doctor from Norway who has come out of retirement to see patients using video consultations.

We’re helping more patients than ever with mental health problems, especially in light of Covid-19.

  • On average, we’re seeing a 40% increase in patients presenting with mental health issues whilst anecdotally, our doctors are seeing more patients than ever reporting issues with anxiety and depression.
  • Our new platform, Care Connect by KRY, has seen hundreds of psychologists and psychiatrists use our service, helping thousands of patients get the mental health support they need.

As the pandemic continued, KRY will keep working round the clock to meet growing demand and develop the new products.

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