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Europe’s leading digital healthcare provider moves to make remote working a permanent option to help staff diversity, recruitment and retention

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Kry/Livi, Europe's leading provider of digital healthcare, today announced the introduction of fully remote working for its 600+ employees.

The company operates in Sweden, Norway, Germany, France and the United Kingdom and is embracing the power of technology to enable flexible and distributed working for all its staff.

As a digital-first company, Kry/Livi is offering its employees the benefits of remote working, so they can work flexibly to fit the needs of their life and work with ease from wherever they choose.

Anna Fredrixon, head of HR at Kry/Livi, said:

“We have great people at Kry/Livi and we are committed to making our company a great place to work so we can attract and retain the best, most diverse talent and deliver brilliant healthcare for patients.

During the peak of the pandemic, the Kry/Livi team were able to quadruple the patient care we provided while working remotely.

We believe it isn’t where you work that matters, but the impact you make. Our staff’s excellent performance during the pandemic demonstrated that digital-first working delivers great results.”

Kry/Livi will continue to offer its staff great places and exciting spaces to work in. The company is investing in the tools and technology to empower employees to work from home, at the office, or a mix of both.

The needs of patients are always a priority at Kry/Livi, especially with respect to the handling of confidential and sensitive personal patient data. This means that some roles will remain in our country offices.

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